Songs of Joy and Rhythm

by The Baroque

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released June 16, 2017

Music and lyrics by Gavin Murchie.
Recorded at Villa del Refugio between November 2016 and May 2017, with the exception of 'Barbarian', most of which was recorded at Alison House, Edinburgh in September 2014.
Grand piano on 'All the Way Around You' was recorded at the Reid Hall of Music in Edinburgh.
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered(?) by Gavin Murchie.
Acoustic drums on 'Sunshine on Grief', 'Cloisters', 'Breathing Fire', 'Vomit in the Petunias' and 'Song of Joy' written performed by Robert Irving.

Special thanks go to Bob for his unbelievable talent and his never-dwindling ability to give my squalid, damp songs that bit of extra oomph and rhythm (wheeey).

Thanks also, in no particular order, to:
My parents and my family for their constant support and love. Andy for his nearly 25 years of friendship and support in all I do. Big Jimmy Wright, the boy which I drink huge bags of cans with, and talk about music n everything else. Laura, because for all her bamming up, she's kept me sane and very very happy for the best part of a year. Niamh, Jak, CQ, Smel, Lucy, Tanya and the rest of the fuckin uni squad for their never-ceasing friendship, the rips and the love, even though we only see each other now and then. And lastly to everyone who's ever considered me a pal, thank you for everything.

And you, for listening.

The Baroque is Gavin Murchie.



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The Baroque Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Sunshine on Grief
I fucked this up immensely
You move me to tears, unpatterns emerged
To no great surprise
You've started to resent me
But stay put-in tight and I'll see you tonight
In Groucho Marx disguise

Call it a comeback/something
Call it and comb it for hours on end
Remind me how carelessness'n' arrogance tours
And I'll remind you who's your friend

Sunshine on grief
Don't even try
To make it impossible
Just make it hard
Sunshine on grief
Bring about lies
And make it impossible
To keep or discard

Make it harrrrrrrd

I'm breaking down, console me
I've made like a fire and left you ablaze
To shout at the walls
And I've fucked this up, control me
And make use of mind to tell me I'm right
In cubicle stalls

Call it a coin toss, untoss me asleep
I meant nothing by it but meaning is meek
Remind me to fend 'self and not be a sheep
And I'll remind you you're a freak
Track Name: Cloisters
'What are those pillars called?' - they're cloisters
You used to do everything and more to me, then leave
I just sit around constantly and argue
Now I pretend that I don't
What about piece of mind and virtue?
What about everything I got from being free?
Well it's all in a day's work, it's all in the past
Well you've broken the day in, I'm just breaking my fast

Tear down the cloisters and start anew
I've got this feeling it'll all fall through
Tear down the cloisters and start anew
Armed only with theories and brand new shoes
When my heart was in lockdown, I tried to reduce
And fell joylessly into the arms of make-do
I didn't just not want that, I craved it
And the cloisters stayed up

'What are those pillars called?' - they're cloisters
I thought about everything you said to me and felt blessed
Well it's all in a day's work, it's all in the past
Well you've broken the day in, I'm just breaking my fast

Tear down the cloisters and start anew
I've got this feeling it'll all fall through
Tear down the cloisters and start anew
This settling panic will rip right through
With the weight of these days and the lack of a master
You make me feel like someone turned me off and on again
'Til these cloisters come down

...and so my civilised mind, it comes in all these sizes. This love was compromised; these cloisters built for prizes. Adjust me all my minds. I'll live indoors 'til the end of time (it's a finish line). Even cloisters succumb to time.
Track Name: Breathing Fire
My teeth are bared, my head is full
Of all these eggshell whims of mine
Get on the carving side, I'm through
My aim is abysmal, never true

I made a lonesome crowded mess of things
Do the old one-two, do the time warp tired
Go back when we were breathing fire

Back when we were breathing fire
Back when I accepted bribes.
Track Name: L&N
A growth spurt in getting mature
I want these days to expand like they used to
The weather was HOTTER then, and I wore that suit
I took it off when we got introduced
No-Man's-Land conversations, they weren't a thing
Stockpiling/bridging ways to see you
In that summer light, the Light in Your Name
We went out for days and went out and went out again

I just wanted you y'see, latest catastrophe or what?!
Would you stay?
Never in photographs, committed to lay on grass
I made a pact with my former self
That L is for leaving and N is for not coming back

I'm dancing and I hate to dance
My brain feels on fire and my suits on too tight
I wasn't clear with you, and I felt you leave
A moment of silence and quiet bereave
Oh I'm MILES away
And I'm just the same
All held up and screwed up and badly erased
But doing OK, doing alright

I just wanted you y'see, latest catastrophe or what?!
Would you stay?
Never in photographs, committed to lay on grass
I made a pact with my former self
That L is for leaving and N is for not coming back

You're not coming back.
Track Name: Vomit in the Petunias
The first one to arrive/last one to leave is me
The mess I've made a perilous pile
On the scene, kept barely clean, I see
Winey scowls and Red Stripe smiles
Are these walls solid stone?
Could we get out if a fire broke out


I'm alright 'til I

Vomit in the petunias, vomit where it ought to go
(Half my heart on a plate)
And if decadence sounds rewarding, it's only cos I make it so

So how many times do I need to see how all DJs just sound the same?
And how many times will I drink to excess with over-dark mind frames?
How many times indeed? Where does this mind set lead?!
I'm fucked if I know!

Vomit in the petunias, make a vomit-filled misshapen you
I'm in sight of my best behaviour but I only want my shouldn't-dos
(I drink more bright eyed)
I don't want to lose you

Last night I wasn't who I am
Just like the least time
Felt I forced to many laughs
And forged an altogether different path

I know what I mean
I'm not sure that you do though
I fear I might lose you.
Track Name: Song of Joy
Well you said you were contemporary
(Though I'm not sure what that means)
And you said you were an item of lust
Well one of those choices resonates
And it's the one about sex
A song of joy's the only song you'll get
And the only time for servicing has been and went

You look art me with fucked-up eyes
And lead me back to bed
The strangers gone replaced with something well read

Well you said you weren't musical
(And I'm not sure how that feels
cos I'm socially obnoxious and inept)
And it's pretty far in my my mind's car
I'm mentally complex
A song of joy's the only song I get
And the only time is time enough to leave

You clear my mind like valium
(Or at least what valium'd feel like)
The stranger's gone replaced with real great dislike

Well I've songs of joy and rhythm
But I can't believe you'd feel like love
The stranger's gone, this song's gone on enough.
Track Name: All the Way Around You
Tonight's the night, for living on the edge
Though living on the edge is a means to an end
I've had a fight notwithstanding fists
Though if I did, I think I'd wither and bend
Wither/bend for all my doubting friends
Who go all the way around you
Lessen grip and let the feelings come thick and fast
And all the way around you

The subtle art of getting through the day
All is purposeless, it doesn't mean anything
Another fight, this one halving fists
I've taken them, and I've taken too much
I'm hellbent now for all my heaven sends
Cos I've no heaven-sense
I'm all the way around you
Simmer down and let the debt accrue
I'd spend it all the way around you

It's what it is now. I'll carry this down. Surrounding thoughts all fall away. I'm left with familiar blurry sounds. 'Aren't you proud? A quarter way to six figures, and all the free time in the world?' It only grows.
Track Name: Barbarian
I've fallen
In typical Barbarian fashion
I know I'm about
But I don't know me
I'm calling
But I know
(in Barbarian fashion)
I've taken you out
You don't want to know me
Track Name: Song of Rhythm
Here's my song of rhythm
Ironically named
March on tomorrow
It's just a new day
It's just a new series of reasons why

Turn on your torches
And start a gentle sway
But I'm not on stage yet
(Anxiety caves)

My head is held high and shouldn't be yet
I've all these perfectly formed memories I'll forget

I know where I'm going. I know where I've been, but I don't know where I am. I know it might not seem the best but I know in my head it is. When rhythm leaves you adrift I just say:

'Well, hide me away'
It's either that or I'l stay
And no one needs a metaphor
To live with them forever more
I know who I am and know where I'm going but I know
I'd give myself a solid four
Cos I'm not in Kansas anymore.
Track Name: The Colour and Love
It's hard to say that I'm feeling distant
All of the water that fell, it fell for reasons
It's close to call but I'd say it's Christmas
That takes the life out of me - it left me breathless

And I know I'm damaged sometimes
And I come and go for days
But I will try and overcome --
From umbilical break to funeral wake
And nothing makes me feel mostly alive
Than being the fuck-up I am

I'm struggling/I'm pulling through
It's us and them/It's me and you
When I was weak and now that I'm strong
The Colour and Love has stayed the same
All along